About us

Our story

It was on board of a plane that we came up with the idea behind Trouvaille. We had already made up our minds that we would leave everything to travel the world for some time, but we wanted to do something with our lives in the meantime. Build something.

We are big tea drinkers and used to get a cool mug as a souvenir from every trip, but we travelled so often they started taking a whole lot of space! So... 'What if we could mark all the places we've been to on one mug?'

And it all took off from there...

Who we are

We are a young couple from Europe who has been travelling together since 2008. We lived in different countries and took the most of our opportunities to travel until December 2017 when we left everything behind to accomplish our dream: see the world together.
He is the business guru and she is the creative mastermind. And these are our very own mugs.

                                             Trouvaille Global founders world mugs

Brand values

Our products are sustainably manufactured in Europe. We work with dedicated people who are the best at what they do and care about quality and working conditions over price.

We are proud to say our mugs are designed in the UK, handmade and printed in Poland. Our design is registered and protected. Our tote bags are also made in Poland from 100% natural cotton. The packaging was carefully designed in Portugal and the pens are made in Germany, so our products are truly cosmopolitan!

We want to give you the very best experience we possibly can, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.