About us

Our founders


Trouvaille is a London-based small business founded by Candelaria and Greg, a couple of globetrotters who left the London 9-to-5 to fulfil their dream: creating high-quality gifts that are sustainably and ethically produced in Europe while running their business from anywhere in the world.

We design our products inspired by our thirst for adventure and love for nature, and we put a lot of thought into every single one of them (including the packaging!), always keeping the planet in mind. We want to encourage people to discover how wonderful the world we live in is, so more and more of us are determined to protect it. With our products, we want to bring a bit of colour, nature and travel memories to people's homes and to do so while giving back.

The story behind our first mug designs

In 2017, after living in London for 6 years, we decided we were going to leave the big city life to make our dream a reality. But we didn’t want to simply take a couple of years off and make a holiday out of our round-the-world trip. We were motivated to invest our time and money in our own business. Our passion for travel has always inspired us. We believe that travel really does make you richer, kinder, more open-minded and aware of our impact on the planet. We therefore knew this had to be at the core of what we did. So we started thinking about innovative travel-related products that would inspire people to explore the world.

At the time, our flat in London started becoming too small to fit all the mugs we bought as a souvenir from every place we visited. After months of brainstorming, it was on a flight during a weekend break that Greg asked me (Candelaria): “What if we could enjoy our tea in one mug that reminded us of all our adventures?”. And the idea behind our colour-in mugs was born.

Since then, we have expanded our range of eco-friendly gifts for travel and nature lovers to unique totes, stationery and candles and are proud of the positive impact our small business is having on the planet.


Brand values

Trouvaille mugs in production

All our products are sustainably manufactured in Europe. We work with dedicated people and small businesses who are the best at what they do and care about quality, sustainability and their employees' working conditions. We founded this company because we wanted to be a sensible alternative to the mass-produced, low-quality products that abound in the gift industry and that tend to end up in landfill.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, all Trouvaille products come in plastic-free, recyclable packaging and we offset all employees’ annual carbon footprint. Our tote bag collection contributes to tackling poverty and the effects of the climate crisis in Africa by growing trees and restoring and protecting land through Tree Aid.

Since 2021, Trouvaille is supporting the World Land Trust's Buy An Acre programme through the sales of their Save the Planet candle collection, which has protected over 10 hectares of threatened land so far. In 2024, we look forward to expanding our contribution to the programme with our new line of animal-themed greeting cards.

We want to give you the very best experience we possibly can, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.