About us

Our founders


Hi! We are Candelaria and Greg, a couple from Europe who absolutely loves to travel! We met in 2008 while studying abroad in the UK, then lived in different countries and pursued careers in different fields until December 2017 when we left everything behind to accomplish our dream: see the world together before turning 30!

The story behind our products

Three years ago, after living in London for 6 years, we decided we were going to leave the 9 to 5 and the big city to make our dream a reality. But we didn’t want to simply take a couple of years off and make a holiday out of our round-the-world trip. We were motivated to invest our time and money in our own business that we would run from wherever we were. Our passion for travel has always inspired us. We believe that travel really does make you richer, kinder, more open-minded and aware of our impact on the planet. We therefore knew this had to be at the core of what we did. So we started thinking about innovative travel-related products that would inspire people to explore the world.

At the time, our flat in London started becoming too small to fit all the mugs we bought as a souvenir from every place we visited. After months of brainstorming, it was on a flight during a weekend break that Greg asked me (Candelaria): “What if we could enjoy our tea in one mug that reminded us of all our adventures?”. And the idea behind our colour-in mugs was born.

We design our products inspired by our thirst for adventure and always keeping the planet in mind. We want you to have fun colouring, to remember all those incredible trips you've taken and to bring travel and colour to your daily life, whether it's with a coffee mug, a shopping tote bag, or a travel journal.

Sustainability is one of Trouvaille’s core values. In our travels, we have seen firsthand the impact humans are having on the environment. We have seen melting ice in Antarctica, dead corals in the Great Barrier Reef and sea lion pups playing with plastic bottles in the Galapagos. Therefore, all our products come in plastic-free packaging and we donate part of our profits to a UK environmental and social charity. 


Brand values

Trouvaille mugs in production

Our products are sustainably manufactured in Europe. We work with dedicated people who are the best at what they do and care about quality and working conditions. We founded this company because we wanted to be a sensible alternative to the mass-produced, low-quality products that abound in the gift industry.

We are proud to say our mugs are designed in the UK and hand-finished in Poland. Our design is registered and protected. Our tote bags are made from 100% natural cotton. Our journal is hand-pressed and made of 100% recycled paper, like our colouring book! The packaging design was meticulously created in Portugal and the colouring pens are produced in Germany, so our products are truly cosmopolitan!

We want to give you the very best experience we possibly can, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.